This is a site that is trying to reach out to all the digital immigrants out there.

Who are the digital immigrants?

They are the parents of this generation. Their children are the digital natives.

The digital natives are those people who have been born into a world going through a digital revolution.

This has created a foreign land with a strange language, customs and culture that is hard for today’s parents to understand.

The digital immigrants & digital natives are the first of their kind. These two groups have never existed before now. We are all in uncharted territory.

How did we get here?

The rapid change in technology over the last 20 years has created a situation that has hit the parents of today like a tsunami. It has left many feeling helpless, being thrown from place to place unable to resist the flow, barely surfacing long enough to take another breath.

At some point we find ourselves asking “So what do I do?” Or “What do you do?” Maybe it’s time to ask What do WE do?”

  1. We could to take some time to learn the language and everything that goes with it, like a responsible immigrant, but who has time…
  2. We could ask someone who knows the language to tutor us in what we need to learn
  3. Or we could take the attitude that there is nothing that can be done to fight the current, so just go with the flow

To go with number 3 would be like covering your eyes or sticking your fingers in your ears and continuing  to hold your breath. Then the tsunami hits the beach, we come to and see the impact, the damage and just put our heads in the sand.

Most people agree with immigration but only when the foreigner tries to assimilate, tries to learn the language and culture. Whereas there is less respect for those that don’t bother saying, “It’s just too hard.” “I don’t have time, I hate this stupid language, I want to keep things the way they were when I grew up.” Obviously this is not possible.

What’s also obvious is that we can’t deal with this ongoing situation alone. Maybe it’s time for Parents to start helping Parents.

Maybe it’s time that we reach out to each other, and try and pull ourselves to the surface of this wave.

Working together we may just be able to learn to surf a little, and help each other to raise a Family Firewall, something to help us manage the technology in our own homes.

Something to help us provide the BEST the Internet has to offer, NOT all of it.

What is The Family Firewall?