Configured at your modem/router it is your first line of defense on the internet.

Do you want a faster, more reliable home Internet service that you can manage from anywhere?

Ad blocker

● Block ads on all devices by adding certain ad domains to the Always Block list


● Malware Protection – from things like WannaCry and other malicious software.

● Phishing and identity theft Protection – By enabling phishing protection, you’ll protect everyone on your network from known phishing sites using the best data available.

● Adware & Web spam protection (when those categories are selected)

Smart cache

● This can help pages to load more quickly.

Domain Typos

● If you enter in place of then no problem. It will automatically fix your typo and redirect you to

Optional Parental controls – that protect every device in your home instantly, which you can manage from anywhere.

Or don’t block anything and just use OpenDns for ad blocking and security etc.

● Use it as a free service or retain the past year of Internet stats on your home network (VIP Service) currently costs about $20 US per year.

What are you using?

If you haven’t already make sure you Complete Step 1 first

Click here to complete Step 2 and choose one of these two options

Once OpenDns is up and running go to step 3 to activate your ad blocker.

And the final and most important step is to request a static ip address from your ISP. This will ensure your OpenDns settings stay in place.


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