If your internet access is with Telstra Bigpond you could setup Telstra Broadband Protect on your Telstra provided modem/router as an alternative to OpenDns


It works by directing your internet access to Telstras DNS servers which are factory set on your modem/router before it is posted out to your home.

As far as I am aware these settings cannot be altered. So this is actually a bonus because if someone was to reset your modem/router to the factory defaults in an attempt to bypass the protection, your Broadband protect settings will remain in place. A static IP is not required.

Like OpenDns this will automatically filter all devices that connect to the modem/router either via a cable or WiFi.

Another bonus on the custom filter settings is a category called Advertisements & Pop-Ups.

Below are some screen shots.

Below is a blocked page.

I am not a fan of filter over ride pages like this one. The danger is if someone sees the username and password being entered they can simply turn it off anytime they like. The worst part of this is the username and password used for exceptions is the same as your ISP account details. So be very careful.

As a general rule of thumb NEVER alter the filter settings on the device being filtered. Where possible always log into the router/filter settings from another device, a PC, laptop, tablet or smart phone.

No reporting is available for this service.

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