The Family Firewall is not specifically a single piece of software or device just to protect the kids, but a more holistic concept for the whole family, including parents.

It’s an approach that attempts to provide a safer environment within the home as well as outside of it. It’s about openess and awareness. It’s an idea that the family working together actually become The Family Firewall themselves, caring for and supporting each other. The technology then simply becomes a backup, a safeguard against accidents and unwanted exposure.

The simple fact is there is simply no justifiable reason for anyone to have access to pornography on any device, anytime, regardless of age.

Where do we start? We must start with creating a safer environment within our own homes.

So the first step is to configure something which you can apply to your home internet connection which provides a safer, ad free environment without having to install something on all your devices.

A quick win, your own “clean feed”. In many cases you can use your existing modem/router and it may not cost you anything but a little time.

The reality today is that it’s just not possible to always protect people from inappropriate content on the internet. And for many it’s not a matter of if they’ll get exposed, but when. And don’t make the mistake of thinking that this exposure is only an issue concerning children.

The fact is this is an issue for all users, children, teens and parents. The percentage of divorces stating that internet porn was a major factor in the breakdown of their marriage continues to rise at an alarming rate. A breakdown that developed in the safety of their own homes.

But you have to ask, does it make sense that schools and businesses provide a safer internet service than the typical home? Even McDonald’s have taken steps to provide a safer Wifi connection worldwide Bravo, McDonald’s, for protecting children and families from Internet porn.

Is your home as safe as McDonalds?

When you consider that the home is the number one most common place people are first exposed to pornography, it might be something you need to look into.

Of course it’s essential that you first teach everyone how to use the internet, and what to do about any unwanted exposure. But to just leave it this way is like having a loaded gun in the house, and then having a chat if it happens to go off!

It’s important you know that science has now proven that porn affects the brain like a drug actually causing a chemical change. And just like drugs, porn triggers pathways in the brain that cause craving, leading users back for more and more extreme “hits” to get high.

This may explain why the “give them unfiltered access to the internet & just teach them how to use it” approach has been a failure for so many. The old saying that an ounce of prevention is better than a tonne of cure applies to the internet as well.

What goes on outside your home, what others do, has always, and will always be out of your control. That’s not your responsibility. This is about trying to prevent unwanted exposure in your home.

What you can do with your own devices once they leave your home will be discussed on a separate post.

……He told a heart-wrenching story of an eight-year-old boy who was accidently exposed to pornography at a neighbor’s house. His mother found him several days later crying in his room. When she asked him what was wrong, the boy replied that he couldn’t get the pornographic images out of his head.

Guys, I am just a concerned parent like most of you reading this post. I am sure you wouldn’t want your home to be the neighbors house this poor boy visited. Wouldn’t you like the peace of mind knowing that you have a little technology in place to try and prevent incidents like this from happening?

Understand this isn’t about what people in your home are doing, it’s all about what you are PROVIDING.

The fact is, your internet connection comes with porn by default. If you, the person who pays the bill, don’t actively take steps to attempt to block it, then you are knowingly PAYING for and PROVIDING unrestricted access to it, on every screen and room in your home. Regardless of whether or not anyone is looking for, or even trying to access it.

The good news is you don’t have to leave it this way.

It’s time for us to make a stand in the defence of the dignity of our boys, young men and fathers. So they can stand up for the dignity of women everywhere, our wives, daughters, mothers etc, because they are all priceless. It’s time to make a statement that porn is NOT AVAILABLE to just clumsily stumble accross in the home.

If this isn’t something that’s been discussed in your home before you could say, “Guys, we don’t want anyone stumbling accross any pornographic sites and so we are taking some steps to block these out, just like they do at school and work.”

It’s important that your family knows what you are doing, and most importantly why. Communication, transparency, trust and respect are all fundamental to the health of any family. It needs to be fundamental with the use of technology in the home as well.

Generally most people would agree with this stance saying they don’t want to stumble accross porn on their screens either. If someone does freak out, then this may bring to light something you need to know about. Hopefully not.

Where do I start?

There are 3 simple steps to complete the setup

  1. Securing your home Internet
  2. Using OpenDns or other protection via your modem/router
  3. Configuring your ad blocker

Click here for Step 1

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